Brand New Harley Davidson Themed Multicade Cocktail Arcade Video Game - $1050 (Mentor)


condition: new
size / dimensions: 32" x 22" x 29"

Brand New Harley Davidson Themed Multicade Cocktail Arcade Video Game Machine for $1050. This game plays 60 of your old favorites and all in one cabinet. This game is manufactured in house with the best parts available to ensure a quality game. I back this up with a one year warranty. This game will be the highlight of your rec room or man cave. Everyone will want to know where you got this fantastic game.

Here are some of the main features:
A large 19" LCD monitor for the best and brightest picture (max size that can fit).
Brand new CNC cut cabinet (to match the original 80’s Pacman cocktail games).
Wheels on the bottom for easy movement.
Fused on/off power switch.
An external volume control (no more having to change this through the menu).
Smoked tempered glass top with rolled edges (no cheap Plexiglas here).
Eight glass hold down clips (not just four to save a couple of bucks).
Official arcade coin door (set on free play but it can be set to take coins in a matter of seconds).
Brand new T-molding that wraps the entire cabinet (some do not cover the bottom).
Comes with the manual and new power cord.
High score is retained even with game turned off.
Testing and service switches located in the coin door.
(No need to find the micro switch located on the board).
Game is set on free play but can be converted to take quarters in a few seconds.

This game will fit in almost any room and could be used as a table if not wanting to be able to play the games (some of the women like this feature). As stated above I am asking $1050 per game and I do discount for additional purchases. Feel free to call or text anytime (E-mail is fine too).

I am also willing to trade this game for any arcade type item or game room decorations. The more unique and the cooler the better. I really like pinball machines (working or not). Any coin operated device is of interest. Slot Machines (mostly the older mechanical ones). Gumball and peanut machines. Any early penny arcade type games. Neon, beer or any vintage signs I am also willing to purchase these items outright if this Multicade is not for you. I will give you an honest value and what I am willing to pay for it so you can make your best decision. I have been collecting for over forty years and I am willing to share my knowledge. All you need to do is give me a call, E-mail me or send me a text message. I am happy to assist.

Below is a list of games on this Multicade:
2. Galaga
3. Frogger
4. Donkey Kong
5. Donkey Kong Junior
6. Donkey Kong 3
7. Galaxian
8. Dig Dug
9. Crush Roller
10. Mr. Do
11. Space Invaders
12. Pacman
13. Galaga3
14. Gyruss
15. Tank Battalion
16. Ladybug
17. Millipede
18. Burger Time
19. Pacman Jr.
20. Mappy
21. Pengo
22. 1942
23. Centipede
24. Phoenix
25. Time Pilot
26. Super Cobra
27. Hustler
28. Space Panic
29. Super Breakout
30. New Rally X
31. Arkanoid
32. Qix
33. Juno First
34. Xevious
35. Mr. Do's Castle
36. Moon Cresta
37. Pinball Action
38. Scramble
39. Super Pacman
40. Bomb Jack
41. Shao-Lin's Road
42. King & Ballon
43. 1943
44. Van-Van Car
45. Pac-Man Plus
46. Dig Dug 2
47. Amidar
48. Zaxxon
49. Pooyan
50. Pleiads
51. Gun Smoke
52. The End
53. 1943
54. Congo Bongo
55. Jumping Jack
56. Ms. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
57. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
58. Galaga (Rapid Fire Mode)
59. Pac-Man Jr. (Fast Mode)
60. Pac-Man Plus (Fast Mode)
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