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Free Consulting: Exactly How Experts Increase Website Traffic (Beachwood)

Dear Business Owner,

FREE CONSULTING: If you read this, you will learn specifically how to generate more website traffic to your existing business’s website – whether you hire me or not.

The way it’s done…

Multiple landing pages on your business's website when optimized with specific metadata that coincides with a strategically identified [long-tail keyword phrase set] is an effective strategy to getting more web traffic to your business’s website. This creates more opportunities for your business to capitalize on the increased traffic. Larger and sophisticated organizations know this and put into place a strategy to dominate as many long tail keywords phrases as they can. They’re gaining greater traffic do to the aggregate of many hundreds, or even thousands of landing pages - each tuned or optimized (or tailored) for the long tail keyword phrase. I specialize in conducting this kind of digital business development work. The sum of many parts (or multiple landing pages) increases the traffic to the whole (existing website). One long tail keyword optimized landing page at a time. It's how its done.

There are two distinct phases to doing this.

Phase 1 - Consulting

1. First, a determination must be made to understand what kind of website infrastructure your business has. Where is the site hosted? What is the site built with? WordPress? Is it hand coded? How is the site accessed? Do you know how to log into your business’s website? These details are important to understand prior to starting.

2. Then, keyword research is conducted with keyword tools to determine the various long-tail keyword phrases that are appropriate opportunities for your business development purposes. Then I’ll rank these in order of those with the greater relevance to your product and/service offering as well as by search engine traffic. We’ll know the number of clicks (or visits) we are targeting with our strategy before we begin. Step 2 determines the targeted long tail keyword phrases and the order of landing page production.

3. Then, a Landing Page is [Planned], (i.e., wire-framed). Determinations are made regarding style, layout and available assets to include on the page. Once completed, I’ll be using this first landing page as a template for the others in the future. The customer will need to sign off on the style, layout and strategy before going into multiple landing page production. This is important because once I go into landing page production, it will be time consuming (and expensive for you) if I have to go back and change the layout, style or asset set of the landing page template which would mean going back and redoing all the previously completed landing pages. During this step, we will gather up all the needed graphics, logos, text, video, etc., in preparation of building the first landing page.

4. Then, the first Landing Page is [Built]. This single landing page will also serve as a working model for the remainder of the landing pages that I’ll build for your business, (one landing page per targeted long-tail keyword phrase). This final production Template must be signed off on by you - the customer. This landing page will be going out “live” onto the Internet, (but at a time we determine in our plan). During item 4, I’ll make sure there is free analytics software that is able to see and keep track of all the interactions that occur on your website. You may already have Google Analytics or equivalent installed on your business’s website. If you don’t, I’ll install it for you during this step.

Phase 2 - Landing Page Production

Each landing page is an assembly of text, images, video, forms, buttons or whatever we architect into the template, but all of these elements have to be defined or specified in HTML5 and optimized (or tailored) for your long tail keyword phrase set. Additionally, properly specifying your landing pages [to the search engines] is another and important step that must be taken for each landing page that I build. From this perspective, building these landing pages is both an art and a science. Art, from the perspective of things like text or copy writing, text editing or customizing for each long tail keyword, visual layout, style, color, graphic design, etc., while science from the perspective of optimizing the use of the targeted long-tail keyword phrase throughout the landing page, modifying the canonical URL structure of the page to mimic the long tail key word set, the modifying of the meta information on appropriate assets like buttons, videos, images as well as customizing all page headlines to include the long tail keyword phrase. Custom text is included at this time. Finally, we test the speed or load time performance of the landing page making sure to compress images for better web throughput. Everything is optimized to achieve the best possible performance of the landing page, from optimized content, optimized inclusion of proper meta information, optimized Search Engine performance as well as load time performance of each landing page. Nothing is left to chance. You will dominate each long tail keyword included on your plan because each landing page is the best case [relevance] scenario for the search engines for each specified long tail keyword phrase that we build for. I would do this for each landing page that we specify and approve in our plan. You would be able to determine how many landing pages you wanted me to build per week. You’d set the throttle level of our engagement.

Service Summary
Items 1-4 are consulting. Time and research is involved as well as communicating with the business and preparing documentation for those communications. Items 1-4 (Consulting) is billed more expensively than item 5. Once I go into production mode on the landing pages the hourly expense of the service is significantly reduced. [Each] landing page prior to being sent out into the world will need to be approved by the business. Once approved, I’ll make the landing page “live” and let the search engines see the page with the robots.text file.

I am freelance so my rates are [significantly] lower than rates you'll find at an SEO agency. I charge $45/hr for consulting (items 1-4) and $33/hr for landing page production (item 5). I'm a business development and technology professional with over 20 years experience working with the internet (both on sites and applications). I've lived in Northeastern Ohio my entire life. I'm not an agency, so I do all the work myself. I can only take on a few customers at a time. If this ad is up, I'm available for hire. I usually pull the ad down when I’m too busy, and put it back up when I can take on another customer or two.

If you're interested in hiring me to do this work for your business please send me an email. Please include the name of your company and your business's website address. If it makes sense, we can set up a phone call or session. Once all this corona virus craziness is over, we can even meet in person. I enjoy meeting my customers.

Best wishes,


Feel free to call me. (four, four, zero) - seven, two, zero - four, five, five, seven

P.S.; Copy writing is unfortunately not included in my service. I can work with existing copy or copy that you or your business furnishes. We can determine what needs to be written during item 3 above. Usually I can work with or re-shape existing text copy, but the original text should come from someone at your business. All images used in the production of the landing pages must be the intellectual property of the business or assets obtained by a service like ShutterStock. Monthly reporting associated with the landing pages is available free as a result of looking at Google Analytics. If your business wants me to prepare for and present this analysis, it must be done at the Consulting rate and at a scheduled date/time. This analytical information is captured for you with Google Analytics at a granular level, but honestly it’s not the easiest tool in the world to navigate. It’s a deep rabbit hole with endless detail that’s captured and often needs to be interpreted by someone used to looking at the interface.

P.P.S.; [Honesty] Guaranteed. I’ve been in the world of technical services my entire career. Unfortunately in the technical service arena, people and organizations [over bill] their customers/clients - all the time. It's commonplace and awful. I’ve been on the [receiving end] of being over billed for many years. I don’t like it. You should know that I’m “old school” and was raised right by my parents. I don’t lie. I don’t cheat. I don’t steal. As far as I’m concerned over billing is stealing. That is my promise to you. I’ll keep track of every single thing I do for you as my customer and bill exactly what I’ve done for you. I’ll send you an invoice for services rendered via PayPal and you can use a credit card to pay it. I don’t steal from my customers. Life’s too short.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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