DVD SPECIAL FEATURES DISCS from popular movies (Mayfield Heights)

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East Miner Road near Mayfield Road

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condition: like new
media type: dvd

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We have a lot of DVD movie special effect/ added features discs that we hope someone can use. Just asking 50 cents a piece (in original cases) for most of them. My son put all of his movies in binders, and we have the cases stored away in a big box . . . I noticed that some of them have the "additional features" and "special effects" discs still in them . . .300 - disc 2 special features

A Beautiful Mind – disc 2 soundtrack and special features
Aladdin - Platinum Edition - disc 2 supplemental features
Bad Boys II – disc 2
Blade Trinity - unrated version - disc 2 extra content
Blade II – disc 2 deleted scenes, trailers, music video, etc.
Casino Royale – disc 2 special features
Catch Me if You Can – disc 2 bonus features
Citizen Kane - The Battle Over Citizen Kane
Collateral - disc 2 special features
Daredevil - disc 2 wide screen
Die Another Day 007 - insider documentary
Forest Gump – Collector’s Edition disc 2 special features
Gladiator - disc 2 bonus materials
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - bonus material
Men in Black - deluxe edition disc 2
Men in Black II - disc 2
Million Dollar Baby - special features
Minority Report - disc 2 bonus features
Miracle - disc 2 outtakes, behind the scenes
Monsters, Inc. - disc 2 bonus material
Monty Python and the Holy Grail – disc 2 sing-alongs and other bonus features
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder - disc 2 special features
Philadelphia - disc2 special features
Pulp Fiction - collector’s edition - disc 2: Pulp Facts
Quantum of Solace - special features
RENT - disc 2 special features
Scarface - anniversary edition bonus features
The Incredibles - disc 2 bonus material
The Last Samurai - special features
Troy - special features
Waiting - disc 2 special features

If you would like any of them . . . please call Linda

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