Rare vinyl records - $1 (Brooklyn)

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Rare vinyl records for sale.
“The sounds of Ashbury park” 1980 -$5
Jeff Beck group-ultra rare quadraphonic version on epic. $25
Jeff Beck- 12” 3 song single. Import. “Stop, look and listen”- $7
Jeff Beck- rare 2 lp bootleg “Greek to me” from the “there and back” tour. $30
Pat Benatar- 12” 2 song single “love is a battlefield” extended remix. $6
Bon Jovi- 12” promo single “wanted dead or alive”. Rare 2 song $10
Jimmy Buffet- rare promo 12” sampler from “you had to be there”. 5 song. $10
Chicago- ultra rare greatest hits half speed mastering audiophile pressing.- $35
Jim Croce- ultra rare promo X-mas sampler one sided lp.-$30
Crowded house- 12” promo single “don’t dream it’s over” -$5
Dire straits- rare 4 song 12” single “twisting by the pool”- $10
Dire straits- rare, 12” single 2-song single import “brothers in arms”- $10
Fleetwood Mac- promo 12” single 3 song “seven wonders”- $5
John Fogerty- original label first lp Centerfield with “Zanz Kant danz” printed before it was changed.- $6
Grand funk- “whats funk”- original promo Lp.-$6
Heart- ultra rare Westwood one promo radio interview with Heart from August 1983. -$15
Heroes- original movie with Henry Winkler and Sally Fields soundtrack Lp-$5
J. Geils- rare 12 promo 3-song Lp single on RED vinyl from Sanctuary Lp- $10
Mick Jagger- rare original Lp for Ned Kelly movie soundtrack.-$5
Mick Jagger- “just another night” promo 2-song 12” single.-$5
Mick Jagger- “just another night” promo 3-song 12” single. -$5
Mick Jagger- “ruthless people” promo 2-song 12” single- $10
Mick Jagger- “lucky in love” promo 2-song 12” single. -$5
Mick Jagger- “throwaway” promo 3 song 12” single. -$5
Mick Jagger- “say you will” promo 3 song 12” single -$5
Rickie lee Jones- rate 10” promo of “girl at her volcano”. $10
KBC- ultra rare promo advance package for first Lp. $15
Kelly’s heroes- original label movie soundtrack. -$5
The Krueger-Densmore reggae bonanza” original 2-song Lp on Rhino label. -$10
Little Steven- 12” promo single “trail of broken treaties”. -$5
Grin/ Nils Lofgren- white label promo of “best of” Lp from 1976. -$8
Grin/Nils Lofgren- rare original first Grin Lp on rare spindizzy label with foldout teeth on front cover. -$10
Nils Lofgren- “in London” rare bootleg Lp from 1976 show on COLORED vinyl. -$15
Nils Lofgren- rare “for your love” bootleg Lp from 1976 show. -$10
Nils Lofgren- rare “Live” bootleg Lp from 1976 show. -$10
Nils lofgren- “back it up-authorized bootleg” Lp on King Kong records from 1975 show. -$10
Grin/Nils Lofgren 1+1 original Lp on spindizzy label.-$7
Nils Lofgren- “the best” promo Lp. -$5P
Andy Mackay- “I search of Eddie riff” original rare import Lp. -$6
Phil Manzanera/801- “listen now” original import Lp- $9
Paul McCartney- Chiba b cccp. Original Russian Lp. all Russian printing. rare. -$10
Eddie Money- rare 12” promo single. 3-song for “take a little bit” w/2 live songs. -$8
Moody blues- “days of future passed” rare original Lp on Deram label. stereo. -$10
Lisa Price- 12” 6 song ep -$5
Bonnie Raitt- ultra rare promo “nine lives” radio interview Lp. White Promo label on Warner bros.-$20
Rolling Stones -Import Lp’s.- Success 1965/70- Italy-$10
La grande stories del rock- Italy-$10
Super star- Italy-$10
Story of the stones-2 Lp. Portugal-$15
Roxy music- rare promo 12” 4-song single “take a chance with me” plus 3 other songs- $10
Carly Simon- ultra rare original quadraphonic Lp of her first album. -$20
Carly Simon- ultra rare original quadrophonic Lp of “Hot cakes” album. -$20
Carly Simon- ultra rare super disk remaster Lp of “boys in the trees” album. -$20
Carly Simon- ultra rare promo Westwood one radio interview. 2-lp from 1984- $25
Carly Simon- ultra rare promo Westwood one radio interview 2-lp from 1985 -$25
Bruce Springsteen- “greetings from asbury park” promo. Very rare. $30
Bruce Springsteen- “ wild, innocent & the E street shuffle” promo. Very rare $30
Starship- rare promo 12” single for “tomorrow doesn’t matter tonight”. White promo label -$5
Al Stewart- rare promo sampler 6 -song 12” ep from the “Indian summer” live album. -$15
Al Stewart- ultra rare original master recording of “year of the cat”.-$30
Rod Stewart- rare “Atlantic crossing” Lp on ORANGE vinyl. -$10
Rachel Sweet- original “fool around” Lp on stiff records label. -$15
Rachel Sweet- rare promo “protect the innocent “ Lp on Stiff records label- $15
Rachel Sweet- “blame it on love” original Lp. -$5
Rachel Sweet- “and then he kissed me” original Lp. -$5
James Taylor- ultra rare first album on Apple records label. -$20
James Taylor- rare 2-Lp bootleg from 1971 show. Original label. -$25
Tears for fears- mega rare import 10 song promo sampler with select cuts from “the hurting” and “songs from the big chair” -$30
Pete Townsend- mega rare 4-song promo sampler ep from the “deep end live” Lp -$25
U2- rare 12” 3- song import single from “war” Lp. -$10
U2- rare 12” 4- song import plus 3 other songs. -$12
Steve Winwood- mega, mega, mega rare white label test pressing of his first solo Lp -$50

All albums are in VG- Exc cond. there isn’t any beat up crap vinyl here. I can text pics on anything your interested in. I have checked Discogs and eBay for past prices, and these are all below those.

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