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Greetings to All the Great People of America,
Ladies and Gentlemen, We have been sold the BIGGEST-LIE ever in history.
...That LIE is,.....That Islam is a religion of
......It most definitely is NOT.
Because everyday of the week, these muslims teach their very-young to KILL THE INFIDEL!
...The infidel is YOU and YOUR Family. Do you understand that fact?? Do You?

The fact is, these people want you dead, simply so they can have your stuff,
Your house, your car, your land, AND YOUR AMERICAN COUNTRY.....
.,....This is what they do, as the history shows that they have done this through-out the centuries.

And Their so-called Prophet ? ? - he was a freak'in criminal!
Yep, Muhammad was nothing but a horrible, killing, conquering-machine.

The truth is,
Two days prior to his death in 632 AD, (where he was poisoned-to-death by a slave woman)
Muhammad and his merry-murdering-men conquered a small, farming village located in what is now-known as Saudia-Arabia.
The murdering-nut Muhammad lead his men to attack, to take all the spoils- including the land, the food, the animals, among other things.
He ordered that all the men in the village be killed, (by having their heads cut-off) and he had the women and children be taken for slaves. It is just horrible! (did you know this about their so-called "prophet" )

And guess what one of those slaves did? ?
A slave-woman then poisoned Muhammad to DEATH....(It actually took him 2 days to die from the poison)
....and the slave woman poisoned him because Muhammad-the killer, had cut the head-off her very own husband.

So Now we ask you,...Is this a "RELIGION OF PEACE"?. Heck NO!..! ABSOLUTELY NOT!
But rather,
It is power-hungry, murdering, political-force that simply WANTS to take-over the entire world with their insane Sharia Law.
...Did you GREAT American Folks know that? (Of course you didn't!)

We Americans must squash this Islamic threat NOW.
After All, It is OUR AMERICAN country....AND OUR grandchildren are indeed depending on us. .....As THEIR FUTURE IS AT STAKE!

SO....Let us stamp-out this Islamic threat NOW
1....Closing our borders to ALL immigration IMMEDIATELY.
2....Deport all muslim criminals in our jails IMMEDIATELY.
3....Hunt-Down and Deport all individuals with an expired Visa IMMEDIATELY.
4....Stop all Visas being issued to people from Muslim countries IMMEDIATELY.
5....Deport any Imam (mosque prayer-leader) that teaches children to hate, with radical islamic teachings.
6....Deport any individual or group that tries to promote Sharia Law. (It is clearly unconstitutional)
7....Demolish-completely any Mosque where radical Islam has been taught in the past.
8....Begin an American Commission that investigates all muslim people, groups and mosques IMMEDIATELY.
9....Hold hearings of those suspected of terrorism or teaching radical Islam, and if guilty, deport immediately.
10..Begin an information campaign to spread the real-truth of the murderous, Islamic history.
11..Deport any individual that has not assimilated to American culture, after a warning.
12..Strengthen the Requirements and the process for legal immigration to ensure our families are safe.

Please Ladies and Gentlemen. The threat is VERY real.
Let us protect America for our children and grandchildren our parents and fore-fathers did, to protected America for us.
We absolutely must do this.


Please stand up, and spread the word. Copy and Share everywhere.
Thank you for being a Great American. And May Jesus Bless you and yours always...
And May God Bless OUR United States of America.
...We owe it to our Grandchildren. We Absolutely DO.. Share it today.! Thank you.
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