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"Father" Pfleger of St. Sabina's in Chicago has gone way over board on hate speeches in concerns of President elect Donald J. Trump. Mr. Pfleger will do anything for attention as he so wantingly tries to be the 'martyr' for the 'black cause.' And he got - again - more than his 20 minutes of fame on MLK Day in Atlanta with Mrs. King and the shocked negro community when he rant and raved about the 'racism' of the future President and spit out name calling hate speech for over 18 minutes! Everyone in attendance saw Mr. Pfleger's face go blood red and had to wonder if Pfleger was having a stroke or heart attack but, NOBODY tried or bothered to stop him.

Mr. Pfleger has many run ins not only with whoever he THINKS is a 'right-winged radical' but within the ranks of his own religion. That's why referring to him as Mr. Pfleger instead of 'Father' Pfleger is more appropriate even by the thoughts of the Roman Catholic Church! Pfleger's run-ins with Cardinal Cody, God rest his soul, had years ago opened the doors to publicity and Mr. Pfleger learned that he could soak it up like a sponge. His years 'in da hood' has now made him into a virtuoso black as he rants & raves about any and ALL matters where black people are concerned. Black people SHOULD be concerned and VERY concerned that this now 'born again negro' is nothing short of a loose cannon who'll stop at nothing to promote hate and more trouble in the African/American Community. Pfleger hides behind the fake friendships of Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte, the racist Louis Farra-CON and even Al Sharpton who Pfleger had a huge dispute with over Sharpton's decision to go 'pro-choice' about.

In 2007 Mr. Pfleger marched violently with hundreds of blacks against a gun shop in "his area" calling out the owner by name to say, "Come out (name withheld) and face us 'cause we're gonna rub you out!" Does this even SOUND like a priest? On into more arguments and run-ins with the newer Cardinal George, also gone - peace be with him - Pfleger told him that he was going to do 'things' his way even if he lost his title and time and time again the Catholic Church has had its hands FULL of Mr. Pfleger. The reason? Mr. Pfleger can question anyone else's 'freedom of speech' but he has a no holds barred policy on his own HATE speech for sure. Often cussing in his rants and yelling to the top of his voice - that collar he shamefully wears in disgrace needs to come off if for no other reason than to let him breathe!

In 2011, the Archdiocese of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George temporarily suspending Pfleger from administering any of the sacraments and from his active ministry as pastor of St. Sabina's Parish. George had recently suggested that Pfleger take the position of president at Chicago's Leo Catholic High School, but Pfleger said he would consider leaving the Catholic Church if forced to leave his parish. Cardinal George replied, "If that is truly your attitude, you have already left the Catholic Church." MLK Day in Atlanta Mr. Pfleger proved his unworthiness yet again!

One would think that Mr. Pfleger thinks he is actually black now. Either that, or he's trying to become the dead martyr for his 'cause' suffering from delusional thoughts that the Catholic Church will Canonize him as a Saint - which - AIN'T NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

Pfleger's hate speeches include rants of, "We can KILL with our words!" and calling Trump a racists like all the ignorant other uneducated people who die-hardily follow main stream media news is doing exactly what the white racists WANT - promoting a race war that the Negroes cannot win!

Why not do something USEFUL Mr. Pfleger and go house to house in your 'hood' and slap the guns out of the hands of the little brats that live with their 'grannies'? Start your 'REFORMATION' like the real Martin Luther by having your neighbors take a deep look inside their souls. It will be a hard task Mr. Pfleger because - they are being lead by YOU!

Mr. Pfleger, John Brown's body lies a moldering in the grave but HIS truth (NOT YOURS) goes marching on! HALLELUJAH!
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