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It just amazes me how 'celebs', no matter how big or small, can convince their producers and sponsors that their HATE can keep their shows afloat! That is the ONLY reason people still watch these shows and HAVE been watching for like - FOREVER! People who watch things like the PEW and ALL these 'hater' shows are people who would watch soap operas for the SAME reason. They get an adrenaline rush from seeing people that are LESS intelligent than they are. Yes, the - Donny is cheating on Mary, and Jill is such a bitch that I hope she dies in a plane crash - stuff makes people feel that their lives are okay and then they can go about their day feeling better about themselves.

So, UNFORTUNATELY for America, shows such as The View, The Talk, The Real, Wendy and Meredith Viera (Oh, - forgot, she was cancelled in 2015 - too many 'gays' which America still doesn't accept) are still going strong despite their VIEWS! Well, welcome to the Jerry Springer world. People are still watching these hate-shows because the shows are the replacement of the soap opera! THEN folks, ya gots dem Late-hate-shows too! You KNOW just WHAT am I talking 'bout here!

The 'PEW' has been campaigning for 'Ms Hillary'. I call her that because if she'd had ANY sense she woulda lost the baggage -BILL- and moved on to try and LOOK respectable but - NOooo - she hadda latch onto his coattails to stay in the game and make appearances that she & him were 'political royalty' - lol! These girly-girl shows have campaigned for Hillary for more than 2 YEARS now and STILL they cling to some belief that 'Ms Hillary' will rise from her ashes. That answer is ... Ah, NO! Why? SHE LOST TO DONALD TRUMP for Pete's sake! THAT in itself - says A LOT!

Joy BEARHEART re-joined the 'show' (And I use the term 'show' loosely) this last year for the sole purpose - as she herself stated - " help campaign for Hillary." Well, Joy - you can leave now. Your work here is done. And 'whoopy' you can LEAVE - as you said you would - THE COUNTRY!
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