Good News paper in Middlefield has gone WOKE (Middlefield)

I have used the Good News weekly, assembled, printed and distributed in Middlefield, Ohio and surrounding areas to advertise for years with no issue until last week. Middlefield is a township in Geauga County that is conservative with a large active Amish community. I have used that paper to buy, sell and find help to work on my property as needed. As I have aged I can not do the physical labor I once did and am needing someone to help me out occasionally for pay. When I filled out the form to place an ad I specifically wrote down who I was looking for and that was a "teenaged Amish boy". The nice lady at the counter looked disturbed and for a few minutes disappeared with my form only to return to say they couldn't use those three identifiers and that something more generic had to be used now, like the word "person". I said "huh ?". That is who I needed specifically. The work I needed done would be more difficult than most women could easily do unless she was built like a storm trooper and probably something an adult male wouldn't be interested in doing for the pay I was offering. Since when can we not be selective in who we hire based on the needs of the job ? I have nothing at all against women, ( I am married to one for nearly 40 years and have two daughters and a grand daughter) or adult men for that matter. In describing who you are looking for in particular saves a lot of awkward moments on the phone for sure. I received three calls from woman only to have to go into a lengthy, detailed discussion each time of why I wouldn't hire them due to the demands of the job only to be rudely hung up on. Then there were the endless calls from adult men who wouldn't have called in the first place considering the base line pay I was offering or who were as old as I am and would struggle to do the job just as I would.

Dear Good News editors,....... take your out of place WOKE ATTITUDE and ideas and shove it where the sun don't shine. Stop bending to the pressures from the crazed lefties. Middlefield and Geauga County is no place for that and is the reason why so many of us moved here in the first place. Your paper used to be filled to the gills with small classified ads. Not so much any more. Instead it is now filled with way over sized mindless ads that numb the mind. You have just lost another advertiser. Good luck WOKERS !!!

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